Homer Flex Phoenix Award winner: Kaitlynn Dawsey

Each month, Homer Flex School awards one standout student based on the school’s guiding principals and values. This month, that’s junior Kaitlynn Dawsey.

“Junior Kaitlynn Dawsey is an awesome member of the Flex community who exemplifies Flex values in a number of ways,” wrote the school staff. “She is first to offer help, whether cooking pancakes or creating festive bulletin boards. She is up for trying anything, and dives right into all that Flex offers.”

“Kaitlynn is a great group member who is willing to work with anyone, and has excellent engagement, even in the face of remote learning,” the Flex staff continued. “She is a reliable friend who consistently shows up for our community. The Queen of Side-Eye, Kaitlynn’s sparkling smile shines through the dark winter days, and she is a huge asset to the Flex community.”