Homer friend in need of help

To The Friends of Chris Lopez,

Many of you know our friend Chris Lopez. He is the big bearded fellow (some say he resembles a pirate) wearing a fisherman’s cap, often seen holding forth in coffee shops, puttering on his sailboat in the boat yard, or doting over his young son Simon. You may have attended his Marine Safety class or worked aboard boats with him.

Sadly, Chris has been stricken with a very serious illness. His condition had a sudden onset, has been incredibly painful and is life threatening.

Chris and his family, long-time partner Kate Rich and sons Dylan and Simon recently traveled out of state where Chris received treatment. He has had some success and also some setbacks.

The Lopez family are not ones to ask for help or handouts, yet they have always been givers. As he is a member of our generous and loving community, and we are asking on his behalf for donations to help him and his family through this difficult time. Your contribution will have a positive impact. We have set up an account at Wells Fargo “Chris Lopez Donation Fund.” You will need to specify account No. 9003197184. For updates on his condition visit www.caringbridge.org.

Watch for an upcoming benefit.

Janice Higbee