Homer High tennis courts improved

This is a thank you letter to the fine folks who spent personal time at the Homer High School Tennis courts volunteering to do some regular maintenance and improvements to our very own facility that has served this community since the school was built.

At various times we see many different kinds of people who love tennis on the courts. You might see, families who are passing on their love of the sport to their children, casual double date games, those who play regularly with loosely organized groups and also those training for competition in larger communities. At times we have three generations of Homer family members on the courts enjoying this outdoor recreational activity.

At other times there are private and small group lessons going on to increase awareness and skills. Tennis players find each other — mostly on the courts and make arrangements for future court dates for double or single games or just to hit that fuzzy ball back and forth.

Grab your racquet, call someone to hit with or find us on the courts. If no one else is around, there is a wonderful new backboard for drills and individual practice that was a part of the joint effort of the volunteer work, Community Schools and Kenai Peninsula Borough.

Add this fun activity to your summer schedule. Cheers to our tennis community for keeping these courts and this sport alive in our town.

Marilyn Kirkham