Homer hospital has my allegiance

March 29 I sat in a “town” meeting to hear the report of the Stroudmeyer leader who has worked with a Health Task Force representing the Kenai Peninsula.

Why wasn’t this meeting announced sooner? Why was it held at 12:30-1 p.m. when most people were at work? I am so disappointed in that fact.

The input from the 29 of us there (added to some interviews with doctors and hospital personnel and board members held earlier) was to be given March 30 before the Borough Mayor and his staff. Our input was extremely “little” as time ran out and the leader could not take any more questions.

The presentation was clear with charts, graphs and information about population and from where money to run a hospital comes as well as warnings about the future of health care, but I write to say that it was an unfair situation. No matter whether I agreed with the suggestions after the presentation or not — the few of us there could not represent you, our community, enough. We were too few, in too little time, in too little regard.

The Health Task Force that has met monthly to survey and plan is based on population, so that the Central Peninsula has more representation.

Do find the names of that force and begin to place your input. Tell us in the newspaper what you think of our medical care in Homer (Anchor Point, Seldovia, English Bay) and speak out.

Pat Wise