Homer needs ‘Poop Fairies’

There are no “Poop Fairies” in Homer, Alaska, but just as in Santa Cruz, California, where this sign is the campaign centerpiece, people need to clean up after their dogs.  As the sign says, there are good reasons to scoop your dog’s poop. Dog feces spread harmful bacteria, can pollute our water, and smell disgusting on the bottom of a shoe.

When I got my dog from the Homer Animal Shelter, I decided I was going to pick up all his poop. I did some simple calculations: average number of deposits of three per day times 365 days per year equals more than 1,000 accumulated messes. Bonuses to doing this — no smelly surprises on the bottoms of my shoes, daily inspection of his health (cured his worms same day I saw them), and feeling good that I am not spreading bacteria to other canids.  

Around Homer’s streets, on the lawn in front of the Homer Senior Center, and on Bishop’s Beach, dog feces are widespread. It is so easy to pick up your dog’s poop with convenient bags designed for that purpose.

Be a “Poop Fairy” to your own dog and make Homer a place where you don’t have to watch where you put your feet.

Nina Faust

Dedicated “Poop Fairy”