Homer needs to clean up its act

Does Homer like the reputation of being the dirty, dusty little cosmic hamlet? The dirt-clogged streets and clouds of dust hanging over the downtown area certainly suggests it. Why are our streets not being cleaned up? 

This is the second year in a row that we have had a light winter, which has provided considerable savings in snow removal. One would think some of that savings could be directed toward an early and thorough street cleaning effort. Waiting another month or so ensures the first impression many visitors get of our town is that it’s a cloud of dust with a few buildings underneath it. 

We live in a beautiful place and should take pride in keeping it clean. I don’t see any reason for not cleaning up our streets as soon as possible. Over the last several years a lot of businesses have spent considerable money paving their parking lots. The city and state also have made a great investment paving roadways. But the way it looks right now it’s hard to believe anything’s been paved.

Bob Malone at Safeway should be commended for being one of the first businesses in town to have their parking lot cleaned. Now it’s time for the city of Homer clean up its act.

Jeannette Morto