Homer News Editorial

We don’t have to wait until ‘some day’ to end violence in community

What does it take to change the culture?

When you think about it, not much. In one lifetime, a person is likely to see lots of culture shifts. We change our music, our fashion, our words.

We also change how we think. And when we change how we think, we change how we act.  A few examples come quickly to mind:  drinking and driving is now passé; more people than not believe seat belts save lives and smoking takes them. 

Some shifts in our thinking might take longer, but change still can be seen. Some of those culture shifts include issues related to civil rights; equal pay for equal work; marriage equality. 

We’ve even changed our thinking on the role technology should play in our lives. 

Thinking of those shifts makes it easier to believe we can end violence in our community. Not some day, but now.

We applaud all those in the community who are playing a role in ending violence by their participation in the Green Dot program. (See story, page 1.) As in so many areas of our lives, prevention plays a key role. Instead of dealing with the trauma violence causes, Green Dot strategies aim to prevent violence in the first place.

In some ways, it sounds simplistic. But when we understand, we all need to take responsibility for creating a safe community, it makes a lot more sense. 

Our hats are off to all those who aren’t leaving it up to someone else to find ways to eradicate violence in our community, but instead are stepping up to be part of the solution. Indeed, the only way to create a cultural shift is for us to change as individuals.



Summer’s not over until the snow flies

Signs that summer is rushing to an end are everywhere. The Kenai Peninsula State Fair in Ninilchik happens this weekend. Some Kenai Peninsula Borough schools have already started classes; others begin the new school year on Tuesday. The end of the Homer Jackpot Halibut Derby is less than a month away. Residents are harvesting vegetables and putting up fish and furiously trying to wrap up all kinds of summer chores before winter sets in.

The good news is: There’s still time to enjoy summer in Homer.

If you’re one of those residents who’s been too busy this summer to revel in all the reasons you live in Homer, it’s not too late to clear the calendar and do one fun thing — or more. Take some time to do what visitors have been doing for the last three months — and get a new perspective on this place you call home. 

Your stay-cation, no matter how short, is guaranteed to re-invigorate and be the source of some memorable moments. Let’s not leave all the fun to our guests.