Homer Winter Carnival buttons will raise funds for good causes

Similar to collectible Olympic pins, this year’s Homer Winter Carnival fundraiser is based on “Collectible HWC Buttons.” Beginning this month, we hope to see “Button Baskets” by every cash register in town. Here’s how you can be part of it.


Anyone can “be a button” — it’s free.

Order 100 and we’ll print you up. You’ll get your money back (double) when you sell them. The HWC committee is ready to get all “Homer” about these buttons/pins. Don’t feel obligated to put a logo on your button. Have some fun. Your pin can be a joke or cartoon, a kind thought, advice, a picture of your mom, your cat, a missing friend, some Homer “wisdom” or whatever you need to put on a button this year. 


If you’re a business …

You may purchase any number of buttons from the HWC for half-price ($2 each) by calling or emailing us, then simply sell them from a basket by your cash register for $4, giving the profits to your favorite nonprofit.

Then, buy more when you run out.


If you’re a non profit …

You (or your patrons) may purchase any number of buttons from the HWC for half-price ($2 each) by calling or emailing us. Then simply talk to area businesses (especially those owned by your members and supporters) and ask them to sell your HWC buttons from a “Button Basket” by their cash register and donate the profits to your cause. If you have two or three Button Baskets collecting money for you, you win. More buttons sold = more money raised.  It’s that simple. 


Of course, the Homer Winter Carnival is about more than just buttons, which, remember, will raise funds for your favorite nonprofit. From the Mr. Homer Competition Thursday, Feb. 6, the awesome opening ceremonies Friday, Feb. 7, the crazy Outhouse Race Saturday, Feb. 8, to the Awards Ceremony on Sunday night, Feb. 9, plus a ton of stuff in between, the 2014 HWC is going to be a very big deal. But to get started, here’s where we are right now.


Elks Club challenges Legion

“Let it be known that the Homer Elks Club hereby challenges the Homer Legion Post to an all-out, no holds barred, double competition. Our first challenge shall be an Outhouse Race Saturday, Feb 7, which the Elks will win. Our second challenge shall be to sell more HWC collectible buttons than the (far superior) Elks. The loser of this challenge shall publicly wash the trucks of the winners in a final fund-raiser for both clubs after the HWC. In the event of a tie, both clubs will wash each others’ trucks. What say you, Legionaries?”


Kharacters challenges Alibi

The owners, staff, management, and regular customers who frequent Kharacteurs Bar officially challenge our counterparts at The Alibi to face public laughter and ridicule by facing off against us in the Homer Winter Carnival Outhouse Race.  What say you, Nelton and Gang?


Alibi accepts

The Alibi not only laughs at Kharacters Bar’s feeble floundering while fumbling at finding fleeting fame. Alibi hereby re-challenges Kharacters by proposing the following bet. The entire loser group shall assemble at the winning club and sing a 2-minute tribute song to the winners, then follow this song by buying the first round for the winning group.  What say you, Kharacters?  … And by the way, it’s spelled with a “C!” 


Dax Radtke is a member of the Homer Winter Carnival Committee. To get involved, for more information, to place orders, or to be a button, call him at 907-299-0319 or email to daxalaska@yahoo.com.