Homer Winter Carnival Countdown: Who needs snow?

First, an Outhouse Race update: The Otter Room stepped up to compete this week, which presents Homer with the awesome possibility of seeing “Fractal Mic” used as a hood ornament. We’re also expecting an entry from Land’s End, which seems almost like cheating considering that their own Food and Beverage Manager, Darrel Oliver, will be calling the races. Yah, what could possibly go wrong? 

And speaking of things going wrong, living in Alaska we’re always ready to face any weather this old planet throws at us. But who’d a thunk we would face a February Winter Carnival without snow? We’re already tossing around a few ideas to make everything all better. Perhaps we should change the name to The Homer Indian-Summer Carnival? Add a water-skiing event or a best-tan-lines competition?

Although an ice sculpture or two would add a lot to the festivities, now we’re thinking of having Kool-Aid stands selling ice cream sandwiches. Hey, go with the flow, right?

However the planet decides to treat us between Feb. 6-9, the HWC is shaping up nicely from the first event Thursday evening, the Mr. Homer Pageant, to the final event, the HWC Awards Presentation Party at the Down East Saloon Sunday afternoon starting at 3:33 p.m. 

In between we’ve got a snowshoe softball tournament, a pie auction, several dance-night events, an arts trade show, the 32nd Annual Home Brew Contest, and a whole bunch of fundraisers and fun events in between, filling up our HWC weekend with fun and goodwill. To make sure everyone knows what’s happening the Homer Chamber of Commerce will be printing up a complete final schedule that will be posted everywhere soon. 

One more thing. We still haven’t heard from the person who bought the blue HWC “Outhouse” button with a number scratched in the back. Check yours. You may have won a $100 prize already. Also, if you bought one of the two green “Opposites attract” buttons, you’re also a $100 prize winner, and we’re releasing more winning buttons every week. If everyone in Homer buys even one HWC collectible button, we will raise more than $10,000 for our nonprofits, so wear ‘em proudly, people.

And finally, a great big thank you goes out to the more than 20 area businesses who are already involved, and more than 20 various nonprofits who will benefit from this craziness. And there’s still room for more. When this is over we will proudly and gratefully print and publicize a list of every business in Homer that is already helping make the 2014 Homer Winter Carnival a great big fun — and probably pretty warm — event.

Dax Radtke is a member of the Homer Winter Carnival Committee. Volunteers are needed to help with the carnival. To volunteer, For more information, call Dax Radtke at 299-0319, Genny (Lyda) Miller at 299-0397 or Dean Miller at 299-4771. You can also find Homer Winter Carnival on Facebook.