Homer’s entertainment can’t be beat

Wow — it was an evening of total electric energy at the Down East Saloon last Saturday night with the magical sounds of Meg Mackey. No one expected what they got this time for sure, a rock concert, for a mere $5 cover charge. It would have been $30 in any other town but Homer. Mackey’s awesome band also honored Paula with a birthday song during the evening, making it a home-like atmosphere.

Homer has the glitz and glamor of night life that rivals no other city. We are a standalone boogey town and the entertainment here comes with the best of prices. Homer not only has big name talent that “grew right from this soil” as Discovery Channel plainly shows us, but Homer also draws famous icons, like Buffy Sainte-Marie, who come here to entertain us. We are so blessed in Homer. 

Homer is a little burg with a busy herd, and we have so many talented musicians and artists who live here, who thoroughly enjoy entertaining, that we should take advantage of the fun every chance we get. 

When the long winter evenings begin to accumulate too much sleep time, it’s time to shovel the driveway and head on down to your favorite bar or restaurant for some good food and/or social entertainment. Homer’s night life is the best it has ever been, and there are many good ways to relieve winter tension. Music and dancing are at the top of the list. 

Watch out for all the goblins this Halloween, especially the little ones crossing the streets.

Maka Fairman