Homer’s treasures all around

I know there are biological reasons that sandhill cranes return each summer, but part of me believes they want to join in what we create here. I’ve been hearing their calls a lot lately. 

Treasures abound in our thriving town as if every map printed an X onto Homer. Today, I enjoyed a pit-fire with the company of new friends I have made through college ceramics. We witnessed hordes of kids from HoWL picking  up trash for our Earth, our beauteous seascape of home. I jogged through town with friends honking, yelling out car windows, coming out of shops to whistle at me as if I was in a personal parade of support. This week the Green Dot  program surpassed its goal of support for non-violence. Eighty people risked nervousness and discomfort to sing solos to join in Les Miserables. During First Friday at Flex I watched many teens share themselves through poetry, photos, ceramics and song. 

I could pretend this is simply the life that I lead, but the truth is each person I see is being cheered by someone close by; a friend or maybe a stranger. If you stop for a moment I think you will see these connections, natural stewardship, humanity, expression and wonder. I want to thank you for  sharing your talents and for the energy you bring to each day in Homer. You are truly the best gift I could receive. 

        With admiration for each of you, 

                Sierra Smith