Hoping Alice’s will reopen soon

Dear English Bay Tribal Council, 

I am writing you on behalf of your decision to relinquish your ties with Alice’s Champagne Palace, which I hope, as many do, will only go as far as selling Alice’s liquor license for someone else to buy. I understand the arrangement in its current state does not align with the ethical or financial goals for the betterment of the tribe. I hope I am amongst others in saying that I support the aim of the tribe’s elders and thinkers in retaining the values of your culture and for a prosperous future. All communities in this world affect each other, especially those in proximity to one another.  

Furthermore, all cultures need places for people to gather and socialize for their communities to maintain their health. Alice’s is the gathering place for this community. One cannot make a more perfect community center where little ones can interact with teens, teens can socialize with adults and families can share food at the same table. At the last “Burger and Brew” night I witnessed just that. There was live music, families gathering, children playing, and teens chatting while adults socialized over a couple of glasses of wine. It was not out of hand. It was organic. It is something indispensable for the health of this community and to other communities this one touches. Alice’s is closed now, leaving a void where people used to gather. Hopefully not for too long and hopefully not to be replaced by a lifeless, modern, square boxed community center or even worse, Arby’s. 

Tyson James