Hospital employee retires after 35 years of service

A South Peninsula Hospital employee has retired after 35 years of service. 

Donna Glover began her career at South Peninsula Hospital in the early 1980s while participating in a vocational work program.

Through her dedication and sheer determination she quickly proved herself to be a viable helper to the laundry department and was quickly hired on as a part-time laundry aid worker, according to a hospital press release.

Since that time and for the last 35 years, Donna has taken great pride in making sure that each and every piece of linen she did was thoroughly inspected, folded and stacked neatly. She always brought a smile to work with her each day and cheerfully tackled every pile of unfolded linens while she listened to music. 

She has an exceptional attendance record, seldom missing a day and never late. She was employee of the month in December of 1999 along with her other four coworkers, which included both laundry and housekeeping staff. 

When she is not at work, Donna is active in the Special Olympics. She trains and competes in swimming, bowling and during the summer months plays Bocce Ball. She likes having dinners, going on outings and spending time with her friends and neighbors from the Pride Program. 

She also enjoys putting together puzzles, doing crosswords, drinking Diet Pepsi and reading the Homer News, which has always been a top priority every Thursday morning. Donna also likes to spend time with her family whenever she can and loves to reminisce. She is known by her coworkers for her fun and exciting stories about growing up in Colorado and her family escapades. 

“Donna has been a great asset to the laundry department. Her 35 years of service and being one of South Peninsula Hospital longest serving employee’s is a remarkable milestone and an accomplishment that is greatly appreciated by everyone  at South Peninsula Hospital,” according to the release.