Host mom deserves special thanks

Hi, my name is Chiara Scoppetta. I am an AFS Exchange Student from Italy, and this year I have been living with the Walsworth family here in Homer. It’s almost time for me to go back, and so I really wanted to thank my host family because they chose me to be “the new member” of it, giving me the opportunity to live in this beautiful place and experience the “American Life.”

On this day, though, I would like to thank in particular my host mother, Naomi. She is a really kind person, and during these months I  spent here, she has always been willing to help me with every kind of problem I had. She helped me when I had to make a decision, she supported me when I wasn’t feeling very well and I had to make it to the end of the day, she introduced me to Thai and Chinese food (so good!), and she taught me how to peel an avocado without smashing it and spreading it all over my hands. Thanks a lot. Happy (belated) Mother’s Day, Mom