HoWL talks to young students

I would like to extend a very warm thank you to the Homer Foundation, the Choices for Teens Fund and the KLEPS Fund. Over the past couple of weeks, HoWL staff have been able to present to all the fourth-, fifth- and sixth- grade students at McNeil Canyon Elementary and West Homer Elementary. Our presentations covered important issues relevant to Alaska youth.  HoWL staff members presented three key topics over two days.  First, we talked with youth about “The Ten Essentials” of wilderness survival and adventure. Through this we encouraged students to make their own survival kits containing items advantageous to surviving in the wild and remote places of Alaska.
Next, HoWL staff presented to youth the concept of environmental stewardship, challenging them to take strides to be stewards in their communities and to “Leave No Trace” when traveling into the backcountry. Staff members introduced to them HoWL’s DiRtBaG program allowing them to gain scholarships for upcoming HoWL trips by picking up litter around their community.
To conclude, HoWL staff enlightened students with knowledge on bear safety. We introduced students to HoWL’s bear game, tasking them to act fast when presented with different types of bear encounters.
None of this would have been possible without the generous support of the Homer Foundation, the Choices for Teens Fund, and the KLEPS Fund.
Next week HoWL staff will be presenting at Chapman School and Fireweed Academy. We hope to be present in schools around Homer for years to come. Thank you, Homer, for supporting the work we do in this community.
Jesse Toubman
HoWL outreach coordinator