Improv teaches great life lessons

I am writing this letter on behalf of Homer Flex and the Homer Flex Improv Troupe. All students participated in an hour training with Martin Zeller in their language arts classes. Fifteen of our students chose to do the week-long intensive, culminating in a community performance at the Art Barn. Without the generous donation from the Homer Incentive Trust Fund, a donor-advised fund of the Homer Foundation, we wouldn’t have been able to learn improv for a week straight. 

Improv, I feel, is a valuable skill to learn because it teaches one to be able to say, “Yes” to offers, even though sometimes we really don’t want to do it. Improv is also a great way to learn to “Just do it.” It taught us that sometimes even though we don’t know what to do next, it’s better to just get out on stage and do it. Once we’re out there, it will come to us. 

What makes us most thankful about this donation is that next week, we get to go to West Homer Elementary School and Fireweed Academy to teach the kids improv. 

The Homer Flex Improv Troupe enjoyed this experience immensely. It was a lot of fun, and it wouldn’t have been possible without the Homer Foundation’s assistance. 

With high gratification, 

Jenna Kilcher 

For the Homer Flex Improv Troupe 

and all Homer Flex staff and students