In celebration of beloved pet’s life

“Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole.” 

Three weeks ago, in our own backyard, our loveable, fluffy white Samoyed “Latte” was trampled by a yearling moose as it ran in confusion trying to understand why its mom didn’t want him anymore. The encounter left Latte paralyzed, and after receiving the most professional and passionate care from our vets and staff, we were forced to put him down. As a 13-year-old arthritic dog we were aware that he might not have much time left with us, but we were ill prepared for this to be his demise. 

Latte has touched so many lives — our neighbors on Highland Drive, my preschool families, our family friends and so many others around town, that I felt compelled to write this message. We all love our dogs, but Latte was loved by all.  Ovechkin survived, and is every bit as gentle as Latte and it’s his face you will now see peering out under the guard rail or in the back of the pick-up. Our farewell was a very sad day, but we smile for the love that was shared, and can still be shared with Ovechkin. 

“A dog wags its tail with its heart.” 

Kim Duggar