Initial gas agreement with care

In early June Enstar’s natural gas subcontractor, Utility Technologies Inc., while installing the service line to my house, ran the gas line directly through my sub-surface sewer clean-out, damaging it and causing two sewer back-ups that cost me $1,200. Although UTI immediately repaired the damage (about a $75-100 repair) both they and Enstar have failed to provide me any compensation. Their claim is that I am responsible because, on the Application for Natural Gas Connection, I indicated that there were no underground obstructions although I had marked the sewer line on my drawing.  

Leaving aside a discussion of responsibility, my point here, for those of you not yet connected, is to think twice before initialing the agreement. They will attempt to hold you responsible for any form of underground obstruction they strike which damages either their equipment or your property, whether you are aware of the obstruction or not.

 Larry Slone