Is Trump working for the liberals?

I find it interesting that so many conservatives called “birthers” had problems with where President Obama was born, accusing him of having been born in Kenya, which, according to them, disqualifies him to be president. He was actually born in Hawaii, but there is no convincing them of that. Yet, these same people have no problem with making Ted Cruz, who was born in Canada, president.

 I actually got into an argument with a guy, a little while back, who told me there is a big difference between being born in Kenya and being born in Canada. What’s that all about?

Anyway, interestingly, I’m on the same page with Donald Trump and, I guess, Sahara Palin on this one.

Birthers, tell us what it’s like to be a birther these days? 

For me, how I ever find myself in the same camp of Mr. Birther, himself, Donald Trump and his groupie, Sahara Palin, when I’m not a birther, and have been a dire opponent of birther goals from the beginning, is purely head scratching. My, how things can get twisted up. 

I think even Rush Limbaugh finds himself having gotten twisted around by Trump’s moves.

I detest Donald Trump and, yet, sometimes I’ve gotta love him. More than anything else, he scares the hell out of me. 

But Donald, thank you for helping to eliminate Ted Cruz by bringing attention to his birth place as you made issue with Obama. Is it a case of intellectual honesty or just being ruthless? I think just being ruthless, when I remember how you helped perpetrate and perpetuate the lie that President Obama wasn’t really born in this country. Or do you have human absurdity down so pat that in the really-really big picture of things you have been working for us liberals all along to sideline Cruz? Then I remember, you want to register people for their religious beliefs.

You brought advocacy to it. You went beyond the bounds of even Dick Cheney who criticized you. Unbelievable.   

Very-very dangerous man that Man is: the Joker incarnate, featuring the world class joke of Sahara Palin in his really-really big show. There’s no way Sahara would have let herself be left out of the Donald Trump extravaganza.  

Let the Republican Establishment’s National Review squirm. As I said, sometimes you’ve gotta love him. Trump makes such a just dessert. Thanks, Rush, for helping to promote him as far as you did.

Or will I rue my words? On the time-space fabric, have we gotten lost? Anger can be so disorienting.

Tim O’Leary