It’s time for lutefisk

A Nordic favorite — lutefisk — and all the trimmings for the perfect holiday meal will be served at the Faith Lutheran Church of Homer on Friday, beginning at 6 p.m. Tickets are now available at the church at the corner of Soundview and the Sterling Highway: adults, $18; high school, $10; children through the eighth grade, $6. Purchasing them in advance is encouraged.

For those unfamiliar with lutefisk, it’s a method of preparing whitefish, normally cod, with lye, hence its name, which literally means “lye fish.” The resulting gelatinous textured fish is served with a sauce, Swedish meatballs, potatoes, other vegetables, delicious holiday desserts and beverages.

The evening promises good food, good company, an opportunity to wear Scandinavian sweaters and enjoy a little “Sven and Ole” humor. 

For more information, call the Faith Lutheran Church at 235-7600.