Judge Estelle should be retained

I hope that my frequent and extensive visits to Homer since before statehood — including the harboring there of my boats Barbara J and Peregrino — allow me to speak to Homer friends on a matter dear to me and many others in Palmer. For a decade longer than I’ve been coming to Homer I have known the Estelle family, and even shared my first grade class with one of the sons. 

William Estelle is on the November ballot for retention as a district court judge. The simple fact is William Estelle is a competent and conscientious judge and a man of integrity.  Besides what I know of Judge Estelle’s excellent character  and deportment, a friend who is close to the court system assures me that Judge Estelle always takes care to explain matters well to litigants, that he is kind and compassionate, and that even with the harshest sentence he always holds out hope to the malefactor and encourages them to turn their life around. 

In short, he is one of the good judges. 

I encourage you to vote “yes” to retain him. 

Joe Lawton