Juneau businesses over voting incentive

JUNEAU — A trio of Juneau businesses will be discounting coffee drinks for all customers the day after the municipal elections. These discounts, however, come with a catch: they are contingent on voter turnout.

On Oct. 7, Coppa, GonZo and the Rookery will match the voter turnout in their respective voting precincts with corresponding coffee discounts, according to a press release.

The promotion, called #CoffeeTheVoteJuneau, is an attempt by the Juneau business owners to increase voter turnout for the municipal elections, which have been disappointing in recent years.

“Municipal elections have historically had low turnouts,” said GonZo’s co-owner Alex Alf in the press release. “We want to do our small part to encourage our coffee customers to vote, most of whom live in our nearby precincts.”

Last year’s election had a turnout of only 29 percent. The year before saw 19 percent. That would have only knocked 29 and 19 cents off a cup of joe.