Just say no to pot sales

I have visited the Homer and Anchor Point area many times during the past years and I have a comment on the upcoming vote on whether to allow marijuana sales, growth and production.

Say no, please.

I live in Los Angeles where the sale is legal, but for medical purposes only. Now there are pot-selling stores on every corner it seems. 

That’s a lot of medical issues, right? Wrong. Most prescriptions are legal in that if you complain to a doctor that you have a headache, he can prescribe marijuana. Then you can sell the drug for three times as much to those who can’t get to the “appropriate” doctor. These stores  are open until 10 p.m. and have the worst type of people entering. Prostitution and car burglaries have risen dramatically near these stores. Some have closed due to excessive violence in their areas.

Should you, the town council approve, the businesses and homes near the new drug outlets will never be the same.

Remember, the federal government still makes it illegal to possess, grow or sell marijuana. At anytime, they can swoop in and arrest everyone connected with the sale and distribution of marijuana, state legal or not.  

 The mistake of approving will also cause corruption and addiction to your young daughters and sons because of the ease of availability.

 Jerry Petryha, 

Los Angeles