Ketter: Prop 1 is ‘Highway Robbery at the End of the Road’

Many philosophers in ancient history had a plethora of inspiring and intriguing schools of thought about life. Perhaps one of the most mysterious ones was a Greek philosopher of the late 6th century BCE, named Heraclitus. Heraclitus had two particular beliefs that I feel are essential and applicable to our community and the issues going on within it. He believed that in a sense, all things are one and that opposites are necessary for life, but unified for a system of balanced exchanges. In fact, Heraclitus criticized his predecessors and contemporaries for failing to see the unity in their experience. I feel this is important for community members to think about as we look at our political dynamics within Homer and the events that transpired this past summer. Many of us may appear to be on opposite sides of the spectrum when it comes to political ideologies. However, regardless of each individual’s political beliefs or lack thereof, or our differences on issues within our city, I feel it is important for us to note that each of us cares about Homer and it’s future. This is a fact that indeed unifies all of us. No matter if we agree on anything else, I think we can all agree on one commonality – our passionate love for our city and community. For the health of ourselves and our city, I feel it’s time we all start listening openly to one another, agree to disagree, and still work together collaborating our insights and ideas to define problems then figure out solutions that is for the betterment of all of us.

Another belief Heraclitus had I want to touch on is his belief or theory about knowledge. Heraclitus sees the majority of human beings as lacking understanding. He believed most people sleep-walk through life, not understanding what is going on about them. I do not want any of us Citizens to be viewed in this light. Therefore, I must address a very important vote we will all be casting yes or no for at the polls – Prop 1 our H.A.R.T. Fund. As many I’m sure are already aware, this is our Homer Accelerated Roads and Trails Fund. I want voters to think about this and make an informed vote come Oct. 3rd. Back in 2015, we voted and the people spoke allowing the city to divert the .75% sales tax revenue for 3 years from H.A.R.T. into our General Funds. I personally voted no on this issue. Now the time has come to an end and another important vote must be cast regarding our H.A.R.T Fund. Undoubtedly, I will once again be voting NO on Prop 1. I will not vote to indefinitely put a cost onto our H.A.R.T. Fund. I will not vote for our H.A.R.T. Fund to be tapped into forever by our city government. Filling in the gap in the budget is the exact same line ‘We..The people’ were fed back in 2015. This is where government needs limited. The city government is a part of our community and so are WE. Us Citizens cannot keep giving without receiving the necessary help for ourselves and our loved ones.To put fear in the community about the budget and then send mailers to our homes in an effort to entice us to rob our H.A.R.T. Fund, I find offensive. Please I urge every Citizen of Homer to really sit back and reflect on Prop 1 before hitting the polls on oct 3rd. We love our roads, we love our trails, we love our H.A.R.T. Fund, and we love our city. Prop 1 regarding our H.A.R.T. Funds is literally Highway Robbery at the End of the Road!