Kickin’ it for Hoxie

This past Wednesday a group of high school kids and a group of elementary kids got together to have fun practicing soccer skills, and to support a fellow teammate and neighbor, all “Kickin’ it for Hoxie.” (See photo on page 17.) Thanks to a flexible and willing crew, 92 elementary kids participated in the fundraiser for Hoxie Parks, and the mini-camp exemplified the best of what positive things our small town can do when called on to contribute. The event was hosted and supported by Homer Parks and Recreation and Homer High School.

Our local businesses Printworks, Safeway, and Save-U-More provided generous donations. Sharon Gorman, Nadya Klingel, Catriona Reynolds, Mary Van Liere, and Linda Watson greeted children and helped to orchestrate the mass of little feet. School secretaries Beth Bowe, Cindy Koplin, Janet Bowen and Katie Countiss helped to spread the word and get kids right where they needed to be, and Jody Fica facilitated transportation by bus. The expert advice of Wendy Todd, as well as input from Don Pitcher, Mindy Hunter, Kristi Wickstrom and Vicki Lowe all added to the success of the event.

Finally, coach Adam Diaz did what he does best, leading a fun and organized afternoon of activity, and mentoring our HHS soccer boys. Our many thanks to all of the above and especially to all of the families who participated and donated so generously. We are sending Hoxie and his family a real show of Homer team spirit.


Shay Hoffman, Amy Russell, and Melanie Dufour