Kids more important than oil

We’ll “get over it,” Sen. Peter Micciche, when we’re allowed to vote on Senate Bill 21.

I attended the Fourth of July parade with my family and friends. There were 12 beautiful young children sitting with their parents and grandparents on the corner of Pioneer Avenue and Kachemak Way. When Sen. Micciche and his family rode past us on their bicycles. I was unable to keep from shouting “Kids Over Oil” (you heard it the same time I did). After I said it the third time, Mr. Micciche looked over at me and shouted, “Get over it.” 

I, for one, can’t get over it. We are already experiencing cuts to services for young children and their families in Homer and Senate Bill 21 hasn’t even gone into effect. Our local WIC office (Women, Infants and Children), which is a food supplement and nutritional education program, is now only open four days a week due to budget cuts. Sprout Family Services’ Parents as Teachers home visiting program experienced a cut to their budget. The number one most effective tool to prevent domestic violence is home visiting programs. The young children of our community are the ones that are suffering. 

To quote Bella Hammond “The future of our children and the future generations is at stake.” 

And no, Sen. Micciche, I won’t get over it.

Bonnie Betley