Kudos to city for PARC survey

Every year, the City of Homer allocates general operating funds to the non-profit sector through an application process managed by the Homer Foundation. The board of directors and staff of Homer Council on the Arts would like to thank the city for its support of the non-profit sector and particularly for its support of the arts in Homer. 

City funding such as this is critical when non-profits apply for other funding or grants. Funders ask for and often require city support before considering grant requests.  Therefore, city funding leverages funding that would not be possible if non-profits cannot demonstrate this support.

HCOA would also like to thank the Homer City Council for its support for the community needs assessment brought forward by ReCreate Rec and the Parks and Rec commission. In response to this community effort, the Homer Arts and Culture Alliance (HCOA, Bunnell, Pier One Theatre, Pratt Museum, Kachemak Bay Campus of KPC, Kenai Peninsula Orchestra) joined in to advocate for the arts. The arts were welcomed into the process and the steering committee named the assessment the PARC (Parks, Art, Recreation and Culture) needs assessment.

Recreation has a broad definition that includes health benefits for the body, mind and soul. Arts and culture certainly fall into this definition and create an inclusivity that is far reaching. The PARC steering committee has been working diligently to prepare for public input and  looks forward to hearing from everyone in the community. Thank you to the city council for supporting this effort and particularly thank you from the Homer Council on the Arts.

Gail Edgerly, executive director

Homer Council on the Arts