Legal pot helps rather than harms

In the Alaska Dispatch News, Sunday, Aug. 9, we read “NYC sees surge in synthetic pot use, with dire consequences.” “Synthetic marijuana” is a deadly yet legal substance that preys on ignorant populations, such as New York’s homeless. 

“The cheap knock-off weed is spiked with unknown chemicals that are supposed to mimic the more mellow effects of pot,” but has caused “a spike in emergency room visits in New York City [and Anchorage] by users suffering from high blood pressure, hallucinations, hot flashes and psychotic meltdowns that can turn violent or deadly,” according to the article.

The cannabis coalition consensus is: Unknown leaf sprayed with chemicals, ugh. What herb is the leaf? What are the chemicals? We don’t know. We wouldn’t smoke synthetic anything. Only an ignorant cannabis-deprived soul, desperate for relief from poverty and misery, would stoop so low as to try “synthetic marijuana.”

A population enjoying free access to cannabis will help end this chemical plague upon some of our nation’s most vulnerable people and the unfortunate law enforcement officers whose job it is to deal with them.

The cannabis coalition sends this message to government: If you want the cannabis economy to work for you, yield abundant taxes, and end these terrible plagues of killer drugs, let cannabis flourish. Rather than being a gateway drug, cannabis is the popular, preferred substance. To decrease alcoholism and white powder use, make legal cannabis available. Do not ban cannabis clubs or cannabis friendly B&Bs.

Lindianne Sarno

Member, Kachemak Cannabis Coalition