Legal pot opens Pandora’s box

Let’s talk about legalized marijuana. From this time forward I will ask if a business has an enforced zero tolerance substance abuse policy with random drug testing to protect the public. 

I heard arguments that it is for medical reasons. Then why not design the legislation for medical concerns. So their reasons are not medical and instead to promote a bad business with horrific side effects. 

I do not want my goods and services prepared, equipment manufactured and maintained, public transportation by someone who is not in full control of their faculties. Advocates state it as only as bad as alcohol. How many accidents and fatalities by DUI drivers? AMTRAK disasters motivated federal legislation that an operator has accountability for behavior and actions including drug testing after fatalities occurred. The Valdez oil spill was due to the captain being under the influence and incompetent underlings sent the Exxon Valdez into rocks dumping millions of gallons of oil upon the shores in Valdez in 1989 and it still pollutes the area.

What would happen if decisions and operations at our nuclear power plants, military systems and leadership during times of war striving for peace are determined by foggy minds and uncertain principles? It is not a game, (let’s all get high), rather ask the families of hostages who lost their heads and lives because the USA just wanted to “get along” regardless of others actions and it’s OK just like Benghazi — accidents happen? 

I do not want my taxi drivers, train engineers, bus drivers, boat captains, airline mechanics and pilots, car mechanics, cashiers, and production personnel such as at oil refineries under the influence because it is deemed legal without accountability. 

Marijuana is now being refined and concentrated and marketed as candy. So the market share is designed to attract children. Unable to make sound decisions based upon fact, it is a snare for families and temptations children should not be exposed to at any time. 

Our nation needs to compare alcohol “since it is only as bad as marijuana” as stated by the current outgoing president. Consider the results of what alcohol has done to our society. Domestic violence, poverty, homelessness, date rape, unplanned pregnancies, and lack of productivity in the workplace are the documented results. So menacing is this substance abuse that there are zero tolerance policies in the workplace to protect companies from workplace violence and liabilities. Now you desire to exponentially compound this unnecessary substance multiplying the cumulative con-sequences. 

As a Christian we are admonished not to be subject to anything except Christ. Being subject to plants is not the plan of God. In the last days we are told of a group of people subject to “sorcerers” Greek for “pharmakeia” for potions to contact the other world for visions and guidance, not for healing as in pharmacies of today. It lowers our threshold to resist the kingdom of darkness and empties the soul as a gateway for demons to enter our lives. God has better plans for our lives and asks us to consult Him for guidance. Don’t empty yourself but fill yourself with his word and meditate on his promises and blessings. 

Economically this so-called “legalized marijuana” is as poorly planned as lotteries which are a less than zero sum business activity. I will wisely spend my money on the best values I can obtain. 

 From this time forward I will ask if a business has an enforced zero tolerance substance abuse policy with random drug testing. 

We, the people, to protect our people. 

Patrick Brown