Legislators, don’t touch PFD

The words “Permanent Fund Dividend” or “PFD” should in no way enter any part of any conversation related to our state’s budget shortfalls. Period. They are totally unrelated. About 25 years or so ago the state was going through a major budget crisis. We told them then, now tell them again: Legislators, keep your filthy hands off our PFD! It belongs to us not you. It is not yours to spend or alter. It’s not in your bank account, it is in ours. 

If there are budget shortfalls or a crisis, it has absolutely nothing to do with our PFD. It has to do with poor planning on the part of legislators. What part of the word “permanent” do you not understand? 

Get used to it, young and coming generations, you will need to take over protecting it. Double-speak, full of bull, sneaky snakes will make long-winded sweet talk proposals. They’ll try to convince you positive change is needed, one beneficial for all. They’re doing it again. Don’t fall for it, folks. 

Advocate impeachment/resignation or otherwise vote out of office any traitor legislator advocating any even slight change to PFD. Even the governor. You should hear the vermin state “finance committee” yabbering filth as I write this; House Resource Committee also! If you don’t have money, don’t spend money.

Solutions; Straight-line across-the-board cuts, put state construction projects on hold, cut our legislators’ wages in half, a graduated State income tax only as a last resort (while keeping exempt PFD).

Richard Olson