Legislature needs more like Seaton

Legislature needs more like Seaton

I lived in Homer when Paul Seaton was first elected to the Alaska Legislature in 2002. I have been impressed with him ever since. He understands that we live in tough times that require tough decisions, and he has shown that he is not afraid of being part of the solution.

While other legislators stayed quiet and avoided ruffling feathers in this election year, Seaton rolled up his sleeves and put forward-thinking ideas on the table that helped point the state toward solvency. His statesman-like approach to the job of representing his district is a model for responsive — and responsible — legislating.

Always very accessible and an exceptionally good listener, Rep. Seaton has worked hard for 14 years, not only for his constituents in Homer, but for all Alaskans. The Legislature needs more people like Rep. Seaton.

Mark Kelsey