Let’s embrace the power of we

Much research has been done on the “Power of Five.” Five food groups make up a healthy diet. Five points make up a glowing star. Five senses help us interpret the world.

According to Helping Little Kids Succeed Alaskan Style,  “Five is the key number of caring adults that every child needs in his or her life.” These adults are not bystanders, they are “connected, committed and genuinely concerned about (her) well being.” The number five plays a powerful role in guiding our children down the path of success.

One of MAPP’s community shared measures for family resiliency is “that each child feel comfortable seeking help from at least one adult other than their parent.” Five adults, one adult — it is undisputed that every child needs and deserves a support person other than their parent(s). 

I have a new challenge: Let’s all offer support for our children. We can be the foundation for resiliency. We can promote building healthy relationships with our children by being community role models. We can support local child care providers and teachers by donating our time and our resources. We can stay informed on the latest research and impacts on a child’s growth by attending trainings, presentations and workshops. We can connect families to local resources by learning of what’s available and by joining an early learning organization. We can show interest in our children by engaging them. 

Giving a high five, a reassuring nod, sharing a story — all simple ways to let a small child know you care. All ways to show the children of Homer that we care.

“Red” Lisa Asselin, coordinator

Homer Early Childhood Coalition