Let’s improve link to government

I was a proponent of the Home Rule Charter process when it was initially discussed in Homer. I was most attracted to the idea of an inclusive, collaborative process through which our community could try to establish basic common principles. Now I am less convinced that the actual implementation will live up to that ideal. For example, I envisioned and valued a consensus model for development of a charter.  It appears, however, that majority will rule, per  state law. (A draft charter will need approval of four of the commissioners to go on the ballot for voter approval.)   Regardless of the outcome of this week’s vote, I want to thank the individuals willing to step up for this work. 

I hope the community finds other ways to harness their interest and engagement if the Home Rule process doesn’t move forward. I still feel we can and must improve the connection between citizens and government, one way or another. 

Ginny Espenshade