Let’s not fan flames of discord

As a long time small business owner in Homer, I am deeply concerned about the divisiveness created by the recall: a radical, unwarranted reaction with lasting repercussions. Additionally, I am frustrated with the recent newspaper ads which manufacture “evidence” of economic harm “caused” by our city council’s recent discussion about human rights. From my perch on the Homer Spit, my bookings and business have never been stronger, and I am hearing the same thing from many other small business owners in the community.

But there is another thing I am also hearing: many foreign tourists are foregoing Homer, and the United States generally, as travel destinations due to the angry rhetoric gripping our town, our state, and our nation. It is fine for us to have different opinions; in fact, it is vital that we do. But let’s not fan the flames with talk of boycotts and lost business, lest it become a self-fulfilling prophecy.