Let’s put U.S. back on right course

 Just a few more days and we can start to get this nation back on the course to greatness. Greatness that was once based on life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. The basic notion that anybody or, what I really mean is, Anybody, can, with their own effort and determination, achieve  whatever goal that they set for themselves. 

For this reason, I must encourage everyone reading this, to get out and vote. Vote to replace Mark Begich with Dan Sullivan. Let’s  get rid of the guy that always chooses to spend into our future. Let’s get rid of the guy that was the deciding vote for ObamaCare, raising health-care premiums for almost every Alaskan. Let’s get rid of the guy that left the city of Anchorage in a high level of red ink, financially. 

Our forefathers and foremothers are watching, aghast, as the country they struggled to build is being transformed into something resembling China. Regimented, molded, everyone forced into uniformity (think Common Core),  individual thought stifled, individual liberty suppressed (think banning of certain light bulbs), forced surrender to authority (think NSA, DOJ, HHS…etc.). 

Individual freedom is the one thing that sets this country apart from all others in the world, and if we allow the Democrats to do away with it we will be letting down our ancestors, and our posterity. A posterity that would be paying for the extravagance of the Democrat Way for many  generations. 

We are not “too small minded” (Obama’s words) to manage on our own, without government interference. We do not need to surrender to authority, “for our own good.” The Democrats are pro-choice, except when it comes to guns, health care, education, light bulbs, soft drinks, school lunches, energy, personal transportation, personal opinion, speech, etc. 

On Election Day, let’s put the Senate back in the hands of those that understand freedom, and let’s get the House of Representatives even more into the hands of those that understand freedom. At election time, let’s begin a return to those basics of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. 

Joni Cody