Let’s reduce unintended pregnancies

According to her Point of View Article in the Homer News, Jan 16, 2013, Eileen Becker believes that it is wrong to get an abortion. She also believes it was wrong for the U.S. Supreme Court to decide that abortion is legal in the Roe vs. Wade decision, 1973. 
To her credit, Becker has helped pregnant mothers at the Pregnancy Care Center. Becker has the right to decide what is moral for her, but does she have the right to decide for other women? If every pregnant woman and fetus were healthy and all pregnant women had good economic and emotional support, few women would seek an abortion.
When I was pregnant at age 28, my husband found me unconscious in a pool of blood in the shower; we seriously considered an abortion because of my health and the possible damage to the fetus. In spite of severe back pain and not being able to sleep in a bed for three months, I decided to carry the baby to term. We were extremely lucky that a healthy baby grew up to be a reasonably healthy and decent man. Millions of families are not so lucky when the pregnant woman has complications.
Instead of seeing Roe vs. Wade as a tragedy, I think that the right to obtain legal and safe abortions is something to celebrate. The bumper sticker, “Pro Child, Pro Family, Pro Choice,” summarizes a good moral standard. If a child is wanted and valued, he or she will likely become a good citizen. Unplanned pregnancies cause physical and psychological trauma. Why not work to reduce unintended pregnancies through access to birth control, good sex education and good reproductive health care? 
 Amy Bollenbach