Let’s say ‘no’ to more war

To help Syrians, to protect them, to bring them “democracy” and for the world’s safety, we need to bomb their infrastructure back to the stone age with collateral murder.

With peace prize O-bomb-ya’s targeted countries of Pakistan, Yemen, Somalia, Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya and now Syria, as well as culvert destabilization all the other countries in the region, is it not obvious to even a stupid politician that we are in these oil-rich regions with ulterior motives and agendas? That the “intelligence” our governmental officials receive may be outright misinformation with the purpose to further said agenda? 

Could it be that we want control of the region so bad that we would even manufacture events to give us an excuse to invade, to NPR dupe an American public and Congress to wave the flag to destroy? To switch America’s attention from its police state future and governmental corruption by entreating World War III nearly unilaterally?

It is well known and documented that we are, and have been, supportive of and allied to the supposed bad guys (Al-Qaeda). 

When will Congress get nerve enough to say no to more war? When will we see past the phony frontal appearance of righteousness with our president the majority voted for?

Rev. Richard Olson