Let’s share from our gardens

The Southern Peninsula is a caring place when it comes to helping our neighbors. As a public health nurse, I am heartened when I visit the Homer Community Food Pantry and see the generous outpouring of food that we as a community are providing on a weekly basis for those who have a need. The volunteers at our local food pantry are amazing in their compassionate distribution of these resources.

In this season of abundant gardens, I just want to encourage everyone to consider giving fresh produce to the cause, because we know that fresh, whole foods are essential for good health, and especially in times of stress, as in homelessness or times of need. 

While the leftovers and canned goods are great, many of us have an abundance of healthy fresh produce in our backyards right now. Let’s share the health across our entire community by making healthy choices available to everyone. 

Drop-offs are gladly accepted at the Methodist Church on Monday mornings from 9:30 a.m. until noon.

Sharon Whytal 

Public Health Nurse