Let’s shine through muddy waters of past to healed, loving community

In response to the Feb. 12 Point of View by Billie Choate: As a holocaust survivor, Corrie ten Boon reminded us that “Just because a mouse is in the cookie jar does not mean he is a cookie.” 

 I am sad and sorry to hear your story about abuse perpetuated upon you as a youth. Though Asaiah had limited power over what others did, I am certain that Brother Asaiah would be first in line to support you in your healing. He knew his own need to heal from the war, and he would support your healing too. It could well be that your sharing with Brother Asaiah, way back then, was the reason he fought so intensely and untiringly for years for the “Here’s Looking at You” school program on sexual, alcohol and drug abuse, a program to help each young kid to understand and protect their own bodies and souls.

 Krishna Venta’s daughter told me that the good which Brother Asaiah did in Homer was his own creation, and credit (or blame) should not be given to Krishna Venta or the Fountain. Asaiah began his private work in Homer after the Fountain was no more. It is interesting, especially now in view of your Point of View, that Bro’s symbol was “Aum Mani Padme Hum,” which means a pure lotus flower, untainted by the world, growing through muddy waters into the light. Let’s look now at the light, the spirit.

 “The Kingdom of God is within you,” was one of Brother’s favorite Biblical quotes. He found this rich treasure in his own soul, originally through words that he learned in the Fountain community, long before he moved to Homer, started his own cleaning business here and began his life work. In Homer, he was equally excited to find spiritual wisdoms in every Homer church and every individual that crossed his path, and he shared those delightful discoveries with the whole community through hundreds of Letters to the Editor.

 Annie Whitney observed that, “Asaiah gave such complete attention to us that we were able to see ourselves as community. Not every community has a catalyst to help them see themselves as Brother did for us.”

 It is in the hope of  reviving that loving community spirit that this statue gift has been given. Let us be gracious receivers of the gift’s intent, and  shine, untainted through the muddy waters of the past, into a healed and loving “Cosmic Hamlet by the Sea.”

“Aum Mani Padne Hum,” 

Martha Ellen Anderson