Let’s try banning your work

Ya know, I don’t like lawyers. I think we should put this to a vote, vote to banish lawyers from urban areas. Make them pack up and move their families, business and belongings to a rural area where they could live with other banned groups, like setnetters. Both groups would not be compensated for their moving expenses and losses of course. 

They, together, would work to ban legislators, fish board members and fish and game employees to rural areas of Alaska. This would really benefit rural Alaska.  

All of a sudden banned villages would spring up in otherwise unpopulated areas and spawn little banners. 

Since setnetters are now a banned substance, we could now vote to ban dipnetters, RV owners, truck drivers and people who don’t turn their blinkers on. They could all live in their own little banned villages. Maybe we should vote on outsiders moving here.

Leave fish and game matters to the Alaska Department of Fish and Game. Putting this to a public vote will open up a can of worms you won’t be able to close. We are just trying to feed our families and make a living. We accepted shallow nets this year. 

Just think if the people decided to banish whatever you do for a living. 

Buck Brown