Letters to the Editor

Second thoughts?

I doubt Mr. Stroozas had “second thoughts” on the resolution proposing Legislative changes to state recall statutes when he asked for reconsideration. I was a local elected official once, and I worked for municipal governments for 17 years. It’s a common tactic for a council member to vote on the prevailing side of an action, the only side that is allowed to call for reconsideration, so he or she can reverse that action under better circumstances. In this case, the better circumstances might be Councilmember Reynolds’ planned absence at the next meeting. In private conversations, of which he had many, Mr. Stroozas made no bones about being in favor of recalling three of his fellow council members. He told KBBI that “Homer’s recall election proved the system works just fine.” Fine? I disagree, as do at least 60 per cent of those who voted in the recall election, I would hazard to guess.

Democracy works “just fine” when the electorate has the satisfaction of putting candidates in office to represent them for their full terms — unless an elected official acts egregiously. Yes, the Legislature needs to revisit the recall statute.

I have a confession: I voted for Mr. Stroozas. I vote for candidates who are more conservative than me, if I feel they are good folks who will listen to and represent the whole community as best they can and will contribute to making local government work. I misjudged Mr. Stroozas. I should have done my homework.

I want a balanced city council. I’m delighted people have stepped up to run this year. Communities move forward when all sides are represented at the table by sincere folks who are willing to work together, win some and lose some, and not favor unseating their fellow council members mid-term when they disagree.


Kathryn Carssow


A stranger gives hope

Hope is probably the most important thing to have in our family’s lives; hope is also the most difficult thing to accept losing. Just yesterday a complete stranger overheard my loss, hopelessness and grief at my mother’s declining health and the pain of the past this brought with it. This gentleman offered a word of comfort, genuine which is so rare, bringing back the lost hope for purpose and hope and even happiness with this life that was still mine to be and give back to my mother, family, and our community.

Sean offered to pray for my mother, right there in the dental office waiting room. Something very few of us remember losing, or even needing to find again. Fearlessness at offering words of kindness, compassion, understanding, for their fellow brothers and sisters in this society, this community, who have lost Hope for good changes, Faith in possibility of these positive changes, and Love in our ability daily to do the right things that create the sense of possibility all of these things we all have lost at some points in our lives can be found again. I am so shy to share my life experiences with so much shame attached,; yet I am given what I lost, courage, to try and find Hope and Faith again in people around me though my own bBlood was abusive in ways hardest to talk about.

For all others out there who lost the most sacred of gifts like Hope, I just wanted to try and reach out and thank this stranger, a parent himself, for having Faith in his own ability to comfort as a stranger, and show the Love we all were born into by just caring.

Trying with his words, Sean helped me find what I lost yesterday. Hope. So much respect.


Amy Struloeff


I am searching for Bob (last name unknown ), who worked at Boeing in Everett, Wash. I, Bill Hess, worked with Bob prior to Bob retiring. Bill has since retired. Bill has six boys and a girl. Bill was in the Air Force 20 years.

Bob’s wife is or was a vice president of a bank in Homer. Bob loves salmon fishing and was going to show Bill the ropes.

They built a big heated garage and stayed there the first year in the area. The next year they tried to have built a big log home. They ended up building a 1,700-square-foot apartment above the garage.

I want to reconnect with Bob. We are thinking of visiting Alaska and Homer. If Bob or anyone who knows Bob wants to contat me, they can email Hessbh1061@gmail.com.

Bill Hess

Maryville, Wash.


Overcoming fear

I Would like to express my heartfelt thank you to Dr. Rene Alvarez and his crew for taking care of me with a colonoscopy exam. I was extremely afraid first, but Dr. Alvarez completely understood my fear and explained very well the procedure and the importance of a colonoscopy.

I believe that the way the room is set up, with the music and the special effects with the lights, the nurse who stayed by my side through all the procedure for the colonoscopy exam, made a significant difference.

I felt safe and comfortable. I was very well taking care of.

Thank you very much.

Jeannette Aragones


Gratitude for the support of the Homer Foundation

A BIG thank you to for the support from the David and Mary Schroer fund, a donor advised fund of the Homer Foundation, for their donation to Big Brothers Big Sisters of Homer and our matches.

As a result of their generosity, our program has been able to resume offering some match activities for the Bigs and Littles in our community. BBBS does not charge children and their families to participate in our mentoring program, so we sincerely appreciate the support of the Homer Foundation for helping to sustain our program.

Trish Herrmann, Homer Community Director

Big Brothers Big Sisters