Letters to the editor

I Just Had My Life Saved This Week!

This is not a pleasant subject to talk about, but I believe that there are many other people in the community that don’t understand the value and purpose of colonoscopies.

I consider myself fairly well educated and try to stay informed on important details in science and medicine. Until my first colonoscopy at age 60, my understanding was that it was only an unpleasant “inspection” to determine whether you’re OK or in big trouble.

The fact is, colonoscopies are, in large part preventative. Polyps, which are very similar to the mole on your skin, are regularly removed during the procedure. In my case, Dr. Paul Sayer painlessly removed and biopsied a large polyp that was determined to be pre-cancerous. Dr. Sayer thoroughly explained all of this before the procedure, and answered every question that I had on the subject beforehand.

Understanding the “preventative value” of a colonoscopy can really save your life too.

Ryan Eisenberg

Homer Foundation thanks

Every summer Pier One Youth Theatre runs two camps designed to introduce children to the theater. In Theater Play for ages 5-8, directed by Kathleen Gustafson, kids are introduced to the theater as a space. They explore the stage, the curtains, the lights, sound, the audience, etc. In Youth Theatre Skills Camp for ages 8- and up, with directors Lindsey Schneider and Landon Bunting, the kids learn all about the elements that go into making a show. Improv, reading scripts, writing songs, making costumes and stringing together a story. Production camp is about putting it all together. A show is selected that will offer a wide range of roles for kids and content that they can identify with. The production allows them to go through the full theatrical process from auditions to line memorization, blocking, and costuming to performing for an audience.

This year, Pier One Youth Theatre is the grateful recipient of a generous grant from the Homer Foundation. Funds from the Jessica Stevens Memorial Fund and Ashley J. Logan Fund offset the cost of hiring instructors for camps and provided tuition assistance to those campers with a financial need. In addition to the usual staff, Pier One was able to invite five specialists for workshops during Skills Camp and provide over $1,000 in scholarships.

It is Pier One’s belief that through live theater, we are enriched as human beings and as a community we are able to explore complex ideas and build empathy for each other. This is particularly important for youth. When youth participate in theater, they not only learn an art and a trade, they develop skills and confidence that transfer over into other areas of their lives.

Thank you Homer Foundation!


Jennifer Norton

Artistic Director, Pier One Theatre

And more Homer Foundation thanks

The board members and volunteers of Homer Animal Friends would like to thank the Homer Foundation for facilitating our recent grant from the Constance M. Benston Fund and the Spay Neuter Fund.

We thank the Constance M. Benston field of interest fund and the Spay Neuter Fund for awarding the grant to support the spay/neuter of animals in the Homer Animal Shelter. Homer Animal Friends is committed to financially assisting the spay/neuter of cats and dogs that come through the Shelter. In the first four months of 2017, HAF spayed/neutered 17 animals for a total cost of $3011. The two grants awarded will allow HAF to continue this project.

To learn more about Homer Animal Friends involvement with the animal shelter, visit our website at www.homeranimals.com or like us on Facebook.

Pat Boone

HAF Volunteer

And one more Homer Foundation thanks

I would like to thank the Homer Foundation for the Health Care Providers Scholarship award.

My name is Tisha Lovett. In 2015 I graduated from Homer High School. I was unsure of my major at the time so I attended the University of Alaska Anchorage for a year. Upon finishing my freshman year, I realized I wanted a career in the health care world. I was accepted to Colorado Mountain College for their veterinary technology degree shortly after. I was thrilled to learn that the Homer Foundation offered a Health Care Providers scholarship. The scholarship was available for those who are continuing their education, like me, and not just new high school graduates.

By making this scholarship available to continuing students, the Homer Foundation helps make obtaining a profession in the medical world a reality. I would like to thank the Homer Foundation and the Health Care Providers Scholarship Committee for awarding me this scholarship and helping continue my education.

Tisha Lovett