Letters to the Editor 20161110

Election reminds Americans
of the power of the people

District 31 Republicans congratulate all candidates who participated in this election cycle, in particular Sen. Gary Stevens and Rep. Paul Seaton for their respective victories. We thank them for their continued service to our communities.

While disappointing to some, this election reminds us of the power we, the people, have to change our government. Today we celebrate our freedoms, our democracy, and the high honor we have to exercise wisely this trust for all generations to come.

We hope and pray that the Republican Party will use their majorities in both the state and national legislatures to enact real solutions to real problems that we all face at every level of government. Here in District 31, these efforts will focus on the creation of jobs and on greater levels of fiscal accountability to the people.

Jon Faulkner, District 31 chairman

Alaska Republican Party

Help needed to Share the Spirit

We once again find our organization in need of a person or group toorganize and run the annual Share the Spirit spaghetti feed and so, are asking each of your readers to consider taking on this project.

To be fully transparent: it is a lot of work, although over a very short period of time and the only reward is the feeling of a job well done.

The funds go to providing for the needy households in our extended community and the event, for many has become an integral part of the holiday season.

Please talk to your friends, think it over and then, if you’re interested, call 235-7466.

Thank you and please always remember to Share the Spirit,

Kelly Glidden, Jonathan Adams, Shari Daugherty

Basket program co-chairs

Share the Spirit

Fair helps healthy community

Another successful Rotary Health Fair has come and gone. With more than 60 exhibits and 1,000 people visiting the event on Saturday it was a tremendous success.

Thank you one and all at South Peninsula Hospital for continuing to be our partner for 33 years in this important community event. Thank you to all the exhibitors who gave up their time to bring their experience and expertise to our community for free. Homer Medical staff administered almost 200 free flu shots.

There are too many to list but we hope you know how much we appreciate each and every one of you.

Special thanks to the Homer News for keeping this annual event up front and personal for our hometown.

Remember to always, “Take Day to be Well,”

Sharon Minch for the

Homer Kachemak Bay Rotarians

63 members strong

Foundation helps fill the gaps

Do you remember why you chose to live in Homer? Perhaps, like many of us you jumped or (maybe tumbled) off the top of the bell curve labeled “ordinary” while looking for some place that matched our need for nature, a cultured yet genuine community, and a dynamic lifestyle. Each of us finds something here that elevates and inspires us, and as a community we respect and support that need. It is with this sentiment that, we would like to thank the Homer Foundation for its financial support to the Independent Living Center’s TRAILS program.

TRAILS promotes inclusion and independence for people of all abilities which means we lead groups on adventures by horseback, kayak and on foot and teach classes such as tai chi. We also advocate for accessible recreation areas that whole families can access — including family members who are wheelchair users or are blind. We are also an educational resource to the community teaching about inclusive recreation to students, organizations and businesses.

With recent state wide fiscal cuts our staffing was reduced and we did not have financial resources to provide scholarships and support for many of our activities. Thankfully The Homer Foundation gave us a grant that funded our scholarship program, space, and supplies for our activities that we offer to our community.

The Homer Foundation supplied more than funding for people to canoe and ski, it supplied the opportunity for people to commune with nature, connect with community, and be active. These are the reasons we all live here; and a community that elevates all of its members is a community I am very proud to be a part of.

Thank you,

Tela Bacher

and the Independent Living Center’s

TRAILS Program

Thanks for the support

To the schools and communities of Nikolaevsk, Homer, and Anchor Point, church members of Faith Lutheran, and other participants, I would like to thank you for your generosity, prayers, and support at the spaghetti fundraiser to help off-set my medical expenses at the Mayo Clinic. We have an amazing community and your support will help in travel expenses to and from Rochester, Minn., where I am receiving treatment and follow-up care as well as other unexpected expenses.

Thank you for everything and for being such a supportive community. I only wish I could have been there to watch the results of the Bald-a-thon or bid on one of the delicious desserts.

Heather Pancratz

Bravo for successful Wearable Arts

Bunnell Street Arts Center would like to extend a warm thank you to all of the artists and volunteers who made Wearable Arts, Waste Not, Want Not possible. The fashion show is always such a beautiful community effort. And thank you to our spirited audiences.

This year’s Wearable Art’s sponsors were Sustainable Wares, Homer’s Jeans, Grace Ridge Brewing Company and Mako’s Water Taxi. Thank you for the added support.

Thank you to Land’s End and the Homer Fiber Arts Collective. Photography was generously provided by Joshua Veldstra Photography. Hair and makeup for models were done by Eston Youngblood, of J. Eston Salon, Lynn of the Wave Room, Maura Brenin and Abi Rios. Thank you Fractal Theory Productions for sound and lighting.

Thank you to our many volunteers: Marie Walker, Melanie Dufor, Dawn Groth, Peggy Paver, Nikki Hennick-Rich, Lindsey Cortese, Soniyae Reid, Rob Adams, Ben Tillitson, Beth Caroll, Michael Walsh, Kari Oden and Lauren Wessell;

To Bunnell’s board and staff: Asia Freeman, Susan Johnson, Carla Cope, Kayla Spaan and a big thank you to Ann-Margret Wimmerstedt.

To models: Mandy Bernard, Kayla Williamson, Christine Kulcheski, Maria Bernard, Susannah Webster, Beatrix Strobel, Katie Jo Gamble, Rebekah Dalke, Bobbye Hurd, Ja’hnie Triplett, Hannah Heimbuch and Taylor Andrade.

And most of all, thank you to our submitting artists and to our artistic directors Kari Multz and Lynne Burt. Bravo!

Brianna Allen

Bunnell Street Arts Center

New habits for dog owners

Homer Animal Friends is joining Parks and Rec in an effort to educate people about the impact of dogs on our community. We hope to make Homer a cleaner and safer place by putting out messages about cleaning up dog poop and practicing safe behaviors with our pets. Homer Electric Association supported these efforts with a $100 grant and we thank them.

It’s important for dog owners to understand that dogs impact our community in positive and negative ways. Owners know that dogs enhance our lives and we love them.

Dogs also create lots of poop and … issues. Please respect the environment and respect others by picking up after your dog and keeping him/her on a leash in high traffic areas like the Bishop’s Beach parking lot, the Bypass, Pioneer Ave and the Spit Trail.

#there is no Poop Fairy in Homer

Pat Moss, president

Homer Animal Friends

Homer ‘painted’ town

pink in grand style

Kachemak Bay Family Planning recognized National Breast Cancer Awareness Month with a very successful October 2016 Pink Flag Campaign. We thank all the businesses and individuals in town who proudly flew the pink flags, reminding our community of the importance of necessary breast cancer screening and early treatment. We appreciate your support of our mission to educate and facilitate access to care for local women.

In particular, we would like to spotlight the generosity of three major donors to this campaign: South Peninsula Hospital, The Grog Shop and The Salty Dawg.

Thank you to Dr. Katie Ostrom for her fabulous update at our October open house. “Decoding Breast Cancer Screening Recommendations” was a fascinating presentation about how to work with your provider to determine your individual risks and screening timeframes.

If you missed the talk, you will be able to discuss current recommendations with KBFPC practitioners or your regular provider during your annual well woman visit. One recommendation that hasn’t changed is to plan for a visit, “Every Woman, Every Year.”

Mary Lou Kelsey, vice president

KBFPC board of directors