Letters to the editor

Thank you for convention support

Dear people of Homer, I am so sorry that some form of a thank you did not get out to you sooner. Life has been a roller coaster for a bit here. Just wanted everyone to know how much we appreciated the support that we received from our wonderful community when we held our convention here in April.

As usual, every business was awesome with their support either with an ad or with items for our tote bags. One of the outstanding Businesses was Ohlson Mountain Mineral Springs H20. A newly formed business and yet they were willing to donate their product to us. We are happy to see a new business be an active part of our great town.

Please know how much Homer Emblem Club appreciates each of you. Thank you to one and all for your generous support.

Fran Van Sandt, president

Homer Emblem Club #350

Tough choices ahead

What legislative candidate can Democrats, progressives, liberals, scientists and environmentalists vote for in District 31? One choice: You could change your registration to undeclared by July 15. Then you could vote for one of three Republican candidates for the State House. I filled out the paperwork to change my registration from Democrat to undeclared. You can do that at the Homer City Council building, the DMV, or at the Senior Center at lunch time.

However, I don’t believe I can physically put an X by a Republican name. Their U.S. presidential candidate is a racist, a misogynist and a lover of dictators; furthermore, he is being sued by many people for fraud in the Trump University and in a “get rich real estate course.”

We haven’t had a winning Democrat for the State House in Homer’s District for at least the last 25 years. Maybe the Bernie Sanders folks will revitalize the Democratic Party.

Amy Bollenbach

Make sure you can vote in Primary

Three candidates are running for Alaska House district 31, which includes Homer: incumbent Paul Seaton, Homer Mayor Beth Wythe and John Cox.

If you are a local Alaskan citizen and think this gives you the right to vote for one of these candidates, you may be in for a rude surprise on Primary Election Day, Tuesday Aug. 16, when you stare at a ballot that has no candidates at all for the Alaska Legislature.

All three House candidates are Republicans, and will appear only on the Republican ballot. To vote this ballot, you must be registered as a Republican, Nonpartisan, or Undeclared. Any registered voter (including Republicans) may vote the other “open” ballot, but it will have no Alaska House candidates. This strange situation exists because the Republican Party chose to close its ballot; no other party has done this. (There is no choice at all for our State Senate district, but that is because nobody filed to run against incumbent Republican Gary Stevens.) If you are a Democrat, Libertarian, or Alaskan Independent and you think you should have the right to vote for your State Representative, you had better make sure to “update” your registration to Nonpartisan or Undeclared. The registration deadline to be able to vote in the Primary is this Sunday, July 17, the required 30 days before the Primary election Aug. 16.

You can register or update your registration online if you have a valid drivers license or state ID. You can do so in person at City Hall, but must do so by this Friday, July 15, at 5 p.m. Of course, every registered voter can vote in the General Election Nov. 8, but the only candidate for State House will be whichever one of the three wins on the Republican Primary ballot.

Pamela Brodie

Chamber’s decision unpatriotic

John Rate’s letter of July 7 exactly mirrors my thinking with regard to assault weapons. Although it is as pointless as breaking wind in a hurricane, I will say that these weapons are not useful for hunting; that they are the tool of choice for killing numbers of people.

I take strong exception to the Homer Chamber of Commerce’s decision that Rate’s request was “unpatriotic.” Is it unpatriotic to lament the role of an automatic rifle in the murder of four Dallas police and one transit worker, as well as the injury of half a dozen more?

Give me a break. Get real. The directorship of the Homer chamber made a political choice, not one associated with “family oriented,” culture, history or patriotism.

Steve Gibson

Hospice offers opportunities to help

Hospice of Homer recently feted our brilliant, big-hearted volunteers at a down-home barbecue on the patio at our office. Thank you to our extraordinary, compassion in action Hospice volunteers.

 Also, thank you to the following generous Hospice of Homer supporters for helping to make the event fun and successful: Safeway Grocery Store, Two Sisters Bakery, Many Rivers and NAPA Auto Parts. What a great community we live in as evidenced by this generous support.

 If you are interested in learning about the free of charge services Hospice of Homer provides the community or want to become a hospice volunteer or make a donation to hospice, come visit us at our wonderful space located in the lower level of 265 E. Pioneer Ave., Suite 3. To get to the hospice office, take the driveway on the side of building that leads to the parking lot in the back. Our door is on the right and sports a sign. You can also call us at 235-6899. Donation can also be made on the hospice website.

 Upcoming hospice events: The Hospice Annual Giving Fun Event on Aug. 27 and hospice volunteer training which begins the first weekend in October.  

Darlene Hilderbrand, executive director

Hospice of Homer