Letters to the Editor

KBBI appreciates support

KBBI would like to recognize and appreciate a donation from the David and Mary Schroer Donor-Advised Fund at the Homer Foundation for general station operating support. Thank you, David and Beth, for your sustaining gift and philanthropy. Because of your commitment to KBBI AM 890 you continue to help connect and engage your community.

And thank you to all our members, sustainers and underwriters for supporting your local public radio station.

Alder Kaitlin Seaman

KBBI development director

A big ‘thank you’ from ice rink

Dear Kevin Bell Arena Supporters,

The Homer Hockey Association has run the Kevin Bell Arena for the last 11 years through incredible volunteer efforts, user fees, donations and fundraisers. Every year, the HHA holds a raffle to raise important funds for our rink.

Each of our members participates in the raffle and this year more than 270 people sold raffle tickets in our local area and beyond. Non-skaters and local businesses also contributed to our success. Once again, Homer Saw &Cycle donated a significant prize that was awarded to the individual who sold the most raffle tickets; this year that person sold 240 raffle tickets.

The money we raise is used to keep the costs low for our broom ball, curling, figure skating and hockey programs; it also allows us to offer a free Microbell learn to skate program.

The winners of the raffle have been contacted and if you haven’t heard from us, there’s always next year. We would like to thank all participants for your continuing support of on-ice recreation in the Homer area.

Upcoming events are the eight team mite round-up on Feb. 24-26 and the Nomar Winter Carnival free public skate on Feb. 11. See you at the rink!

Charlie Stewart

Kevin Bell Arena board member

Many to thank for Wolf Ridge Trail

The Wolf Ridge trail has been providing some awesome skiing this winter — thanks to the financial support from the members of the Kachemak Nordic Ski Club, grooming and maintenance support by club members/volunteers, Cook Inlet Region Inc. for granting a use permit and Wise Services for snowcat grooming.

The trail leaves from the McNeil Canyon Ski Trail System, at Mile 12 East End Road behind McNeil Canyon Elementary School. Be cautious in brush-constricted locations where it overlaps with snowmachine and mushing trails. Thanks to snowmachiners for crossing perpendicular to the trail in open areas and keeping to one side where uses overlap. Snowmachine tracks on the trail can lead to some nasty spills for skiers. Dogs must be under voice control and their poop packed out from all ski club trails. Watch for trail updates on the Kachemak Nordic Ski Club Facebook page and website. Become a member to support the great ski and snowshoe trails around Homer.

Nicky Szarzi, member/volunteer

Kachemak Nordic Ski Club

Stay safe, slow down on icy roads

I believe everyone will agree that the roads have been pretty treacherous, lots of snow pack and quite a bit of ice at times. I happen to live on Skyline and travel up and down East Hill almost every day. The road is plowed well most of the time and is quite passable when it is.

My problem is this, five or six times in the past month I have actually been passed when traveling down the hill when I believe I am traveling at a decent speed of 30 mph. What is wrong with you people?

Slow down a bit. I usually pull off the road on a side street to let you by. If your boss will fire you for being five minutes late you either need to find a new boss or start a little sooner.

If not being passed, I find people right on my exhaust pipe. They couldn’t stop if there was a sudden emergency, moose or whatever. I really don’t care if you kill or injure yourself, slide off the road into a tree, if you wish, but please don’t take me with you.

In my opinion, these people are a menace to the highway and stupid. Please don’t get overconfident and overdrive these conditions. Be safe and stay away from me.

Make Jamison

Murkowski targeted as Democrats aim to destroy GOP majority

Like a lame caribou being culled from the herd by a pack of wolves, Sen. Lisa Murkowski has been singled out by the Democrats/Labor Unions. Their aggressive campaign to tear apart the Republican majority in Congress has found willing support from Murkowski on the DeVos nomination. Without a strong majority, government hindered projects like drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge will never become reality. If this is Murkowski’s goal, why is she allowed to continue calling herself a Republican? If the caribou herd is ever going to arrive in ANWR it must remain strong and united.

Anyone else remember “United We Stand, Divided We Fall”?

Mike McBride

North Kenai