Letters to the editor

Thanks for new swing sets

As you pass by the Little Fireweed campus, you’ll have the opportunity to see a lot of very happy children. The school has two new swing sets. On behalf of the students and staff of Fireweed academy, I would like to thank the following people for their help to get two new swing sets installed on our playground. Thank you to Seth Baker, Matt Clarke, Tristan Condon, Malcolm Gaylord, Meghan Gervais, Marcee Gray, Jon Kee, Brent Mellen, Jesse Parke, Gunnar, Nicky and Jason Pinsky, David Prince, Anna Raupp, Matt Strobel, Lucas Thoning, Tania Trejo, and, last but not least, Richard Gregoire and his great crew.

Todd Hindman, Principal

Fireweed Academy

Community supported ‘Blue Ice’ Youth Orchestravideo

The support and enthusiasm from our community for “Blue Ice: the Music Video” is greatly appreciated. The hard work of the young musicians of the Homer Youth String Orchestra Club, the financial support of the Homer Foundation, KPO, Daniel Perry’s musical guidance, Mako’s Water Taxi, Ash Churchill, Biyi Akinlude, Kevin Duff and the numerous folks who helped, made the production possible. What started as the question, “Can Alaskans see the effects of climate change?”, Blue Ice is a celebration of music for our youth and the beauty of our coastal environment. I believe our community is a better place thanks to all who helped. You can view Blue Ice at https://youtu.be/IIM8mt8VChM

John Bushell

Thank you Shwoppers!

Another great “Sprout Shwopping” event has passed. It was amazing to see those tables filled with clothes, gear, toys and books for young children. We would like to thank all those families who came together, brought gear to exchange, and found new items to fit their growing kiddos’ needs. The Shwop could not have happened without the support of the City of Homer’s Community Rec and Mike Ilg for the use of the Homer High School commons and help with set-up. The beauty of the Shwop is that it is an event where all families can get what they need without some of the typical barriers that we see when it comes to outfitting a constantly growing child. It is also a great opportunity for parents and caregivers to connect. The Shwop is an annual event, but, if families would like to see a Spring event email rasselin@sproutalaska.org to let us know.

Lisa “Red” Asselin

Community Outreach at Sprout

Stop using EPA as political tool

If you think the Environmental Protection Agency is not important for your health, the flooded oil refineries and leaking chemical factories left by Hurricane Harvey should convince you otherwise. EPA needs adequate funding to protect us from pollution related to natural disasters, but also to prevent the ongoing contamination of the air and water that sustains the lives of all of us. Here in Alaska, the need is more crucial, given of the long history of pollution and resource exploitation without regard for the health of nearby communities.

A well-funded EPA means healthy children and strong communities for Alaska. The President has proposed a devastating 31 percent cut to EPA’s budget. If these cuts are approved, no one stands to lose more than Alaska — especially rural Alaskans. We won’t need to wait for a hurricane; Alaskans will start losing things right away. Things like safe drinking water and sewage treatment in rural Alaska, cleanup of Alaska’s ten Superfund and Brownfield hazardous waste sites, and air quality monitoring that warns us when it’s not safe to be outdoors.

It is time to stop using EPA as a political tool! Please contact Senators Lisa Murkowski and Dan Sullivan and tell them that Alaskans have the right to breathe clean air, drink clean water, and raise children whose health is not impaired by pollution.

Samarys Seguinot-Medina


Bell family appreciated for Homer Hockey Association support

Skating and hockey season is upon us. Homer Hockey Association would like to thank the Kevin Bell and Family Hockey Fund at the Homer Foundation for helping offer safe equipment for skaters. Through their support, we’ve added some new goalie gear to the HHA inventory and our 4-6 year old skaters, the Microbells, have plenty of helmets. The Bell Family legacy is doing its part to ensure that winter recreational opportunities exist for all. We appreciate their continued involvement and support.

See you at the rink.

Jan Rumble, President

Homer Hockey Association / Kevin Bell Arena


Bernie would have been better choice

I remember Caroline Venuti from the Democratic Party caucus last year. It was a wonder engaging event. Caroline was an unflinching dynamo for Hillary Clinton, even in the face of overwhelming enthusiasm for Bernie Sanders. She’s courageous.

In retrospect, do you see the blunder of squelching Sen. Sanders, Caroline? Your unviable candidate enabled the Rebublican onslaught against the people of America and beyond.

Tod Tenhoff

Thanks for making Vida’s accessible

What a stunning renovation inside and out. Thank you, Vida, for the new look and the accessible entry at Vida’s Thai Food for those of us who use a wheelchair or walker. Fresh spring rolls and a large Tom Ka please.

Tess Dally