Letters to the editor

Bad behaviors

Just in the last twenty-four hours I observed the following in Homer:

1. At the Lake Street light, people throwing fast-food trash out the driver’s side window of a truck onto the roadway;

2. At the boat harbor, a truck parked at the loading/unloading spot at the top of a ramp, with no one around, preventing others from loading/unloading;

3. Yet another item (a fish tote) stolen from our skiff;

4. A boat in a hurry making a wake in the harbor;

5. A sport boat blasting at full speed through a raft of about 60 sleeping otters;

6. Someone on our street again running his loud boat motor in his driveway, as he did the night before at 10:30 p.m., and

7. Someone brazenly depositing household trash in our private dumpster.

What is going on here? Why are so many in Homer showing such disrespect for their fellow citizens and our environment? Is this the new Homer?

Nancy Lord

Mud-skeeters give thanks

We would like to thank the community for once again embracing the Mud Games. Nature Rocks Homer held the 8th annual mud games a couple of weekends ago, and once again- what fun to watch children, and children at heart, get out and play in mud, just because they can!

We owe thanks to the Kachemak Bay Equestrian Association for allowing us to share your space. Your eagerness to share a bit of otherwise un-used dirt has provided hundreds of kids and families a place to call their Mud Wallow. Thank you, KBEA, for partnering with us. Thank you to Robert Archibald and Kevin Wilmeth for helping us clear the weeds (especially the nettles) out of harms way.

A big shout out to Tom Patton and Kachemak Bay Construction for bringing the machine to turn up the dirt. Jenny Martin- thank you for helping us dig the holes, water the mud and watch it transform, and keep us nourished! Roberta Highland, thank you for helping us find out who to contact to keep this fun event moving forward each year.

And mostly, a huge thank you to Carmen Field and Lisa Matlock for their vision of this event all those years ago. We think Carmen would be pleased to know this tradition is being carried on.

And lastly- thanks to all of the families who come out to play. This wouldn’t happen without all of you.

In mud we trust.

Cathy Wilmeth, Red Asselin, and Sue Post

the 3 mud-sketeers

Remember Robespierre

Enclosed is a bit of political artistry (next page) for an editorial page, intended to remind the political and bureaucratic clas that the lower and middle class will only tolerate a certain amount of abuse.

I have been referred to as “Astro-Turf” by Nancy Pelosi, “Scumbag” by Maxine Waters and “Deplorable” by Hillary Clinton.

I don’t believe that any one of them has the guts to tell me to my face what they have inferred publicly from their protected environment. All three of them are miserable Progessive Socialists who think their perfume doesn’t stink! They are emitting an odor that is only qualled by a Bristol Bay ghost fish.

Charles D.Graham

Fritz Creek

Editor’s note The Homer News does not sanction violence against any elected official and hopes that Mr. Graham does not either.