Lies change perception of reality

Another episode of  “The  IN Boys.” Yes, folks, welcome to the latest “IN” Drama. LenIN, StalIN and the new star, PutIN. In their dramatic performances, the trio all utilize the time tested art of  “Maskirovka”  the art of propaganda and outright lies to change the population’s perception of  reality. 

  A couple of examples of this mastery: After a 1960’s nuclear accident which spewed radiation across a swath of western Russia, the army was immediately employed in mass spray painting  of the dead foliage  in a beautiful spring green color for  an official inspection by Party officials  and military brass. The inspection officially declared that environmental damage was absolutely minimal. Another shining example would be the collectivization program of 1933 which was designed to starve to death millions of Ukrainian  and other Soviet citizens and expropriate their farms and property to the state. This program was declared a spectacular success to the general population and was depicted as another great move forward in the great social revolution. Census takers employed by the state quantified the death rate and consequent drop in population, were executed and the statistics changed to show the opposite demographic. The impoverished and oppressed populace was actually made to believe that the privation and misery in which they lived and experienced with their own eyes and suffering was not real — only an illusion. 

Today, the show goes on. Why? Because it is easy to lie and have the burden of proof be shouldered by the free world. A good cheap weapon in a war of information.

Walter Bovich