Loose dogs, poop, drugs diluting Homer’s charm

We are frequent visitors to your beautiful city summer and winter. Over the years a growing problem has become more and more evident. We love to walk the beaches, especially Bishop’s Beach. However, this has been a less than enjoyable adventure recently because of the number of unleashed dogs romping loose on the beach and the amount of dog feces that we were trying to avoid.   

We mentioned this situation to one of your locals at the time who agreed the amount of unleashed dogs has been an increasing problem and can be a very frightening experience. We’ve experienced the same situation on the board walks.

Last year my husband was walking up from the Pioneer Inn, where we typically stay in the winter months, and was approached by a woman trying to sell him drugs.

In the summer months, we camp at Hornaday Campground. Again, this has been increasingly a less than desirable experience. We’ve noticed drug paraphernalia in the campgrounds and now even in the beautiful new playground. Again, there were lots of loose dogs roaming around with no apparent owner in sight and poop everywhere.

From your website: “While Homer’s jaw-dropping scenery — snow-capped mountains, the glistening waters of Kachemak Bay, the icy blue hues of glaciers — might be the first thing visitors notice, it will be Homer’s charm that prompts them to return.”

I would suggest that if you want to continue to draw the tourist trade than perhaps some local enforcement of your own ordinances would be in order to be able to continue to promote “Homer’s charm” and keep those tourist dollars coming your way.

Dot Keith