Man arrested for terroristic threatening at Safeway

A man upset that he’d been sold a defective phone card allegedly knocked over displays and threatened to shoot Safeway employees in an incident the morning of Aug. 6. Homer police arrested Steavin R. Martin, 30, on second-degree terroristic threatening, a felony, and fifth-degree criminal mischief.

In a criminal complaint, Homer Police Officer Jim Knott said that about 8:30 a.m. Aug. 6, three people reported a man at Safeway yelling and knocking items off a wall. One 911 caller said the man threatened to shoot them with an assault rifle. 

Knott responded and saw several Safeway employees point at a man on Hazel Avenue identified as Martin. When Knott asked him what was wrong, Martin said, “What’s going on is I’m getting f—– by every God d— body in the town.” 

Knott said Martin admitted he was frustrated and lost his composure. He said he bought a prepaid phone card at Safeway that didn’t work, and he was told to contact the phone company, General Communications Inc.

Knott said a Safeway worker said Martin asked what they would do if he had an AK-47 rifle and started blowing them up. Another Safeway worker said Martin raised his voice and yelled obscenities. Employees told him he needed to cool down and asked him to leave. One worker said Martin knocked items off the wall. Knott estimated damage to be about $250. One worker said she was concerned Martin would return and confront employees, and another worker said she was scared and shaken.

Martin said he told Safeway employees they shouldn’t sell defective phone cards, Knott wrote, and it would make a crazy person mad enough to grab an AK-47 and shoot everybody. Martin said he was civilized and wasn’t going to go crazy, Knott wrote, but if he was crazy, how would you know he wasn’t going to get an AK-47 and shoot everybody?

At his arraignment, Martin was appointed a public defender and released on a $500 cash bond.